Do you have a guardian angel?

Do you have a guardian angel?

find out if you have a guardian angel!

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do you sometimes feel like their is someone in the room when you cant see anyone?

yes all the time
no, thats stupid
only if my pets in the room

have you ever been scared, and then suddenly calm?

no, im just scared
yes, on occasion
i never get scared

your upset, do you...

feel like somone is comforting you
hit something

do you ever get a bad feeling right before something really bad happens?

not really

when your alone, do you feel like your being watched?

yes, its creepy
no im alone
yes, but im calm

you almost got hit by a truck, but...

something pulled me out of the way
i have good reflexes
i am to careful

your lost,do you..

use backtracking to find my way
follow my instincts
wander around

someone just hurt you,what happens to them?

nothing, sadly
they have a random accident
i make something happen

do you belive in angels?

no, thats stupid
without a doubt
sometimes, but not really

someone close to you has died, at the funeral you feel...

no emotion
upset, but know it will be ok in the end
upset nothing will ever get better