How Well Do You Know Vince Noir? (The Mighty Boosh)

How Well Do You Know Vince Noir? (The Mighty Boosh)

Well...I think Vince Noir is God and I'm pretty bored so I made this quiz! :) Enjoy!

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Who plays Vince Noir? <3

Julian Barratt
Noel Fielding
Rich Fulcher

Who is Vince's idol?

Mick Jagger
Iggy Pop

What is Vince's favourite interest from the following?

His Hair
Howard, Bollo and Naboo

In the episode "Jungle" which style is Vince and how does he describe himself?

Goth - Goth Queen
Rocker - Rock God
Mod - King Of The Mods

In the episode "Tundra" how does Howard describe Vince in his outfit?

Glitter Bug
Human Coke Can

In the episode "Nanageddon" Vince has a very powerful hairspary made from the tears of Who?

In the episode "Nanageddon" Vince changes his name to what?

Obsidian Blackbird McNight
Drake McDeath
Grim Taboggan Smasher

What does Vince describe himself as?

The Red Caterpillar
The Sunshine Kid
The Death Box
The Control Elephant

What was the name of the jazz musician that poisoned Vince? (Watch spelling)

What have been Vince's jobs? (Tick Two)

Select the two correct answers
Flower Arranger

The actor that plays Vince has also played many other parts in "The Mighty Boosh". Whcih ones? (More than on answer)

Select the five correct answers
The Moon
Mr Susan
Howrad Moon
The Spirit Of Jazz
Old Gregg
Tommy Nookah
Spider Dijon
Rudi Van DiSazio
Lester Corncrake
Tony Harrion

Who brought Vince up as a child?

Steven Tyler
Angus Young
Bryan Ferry
Cliff Richard

What animal does Vince impersinate whilst dancing in the Tundra Rap?


What item of clothing does Vince lie about Howard for and get him Fired?