How much do you know about ROBLOX? (READ DESC.)

ROBLOX is a game inside a game, if you would like to friend me, I have 2 accounts, though 1 I don't use, my computer account (YT_Alyssathatsmeh) and 1 on my tablet. (Wolfy_yfloW) pls comment your name if u want to friend me. and 1 of my sisters' accounts that I might be on is annaqueenlover. (sirena_makomermaid)

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According to me is Jailbreak appropriate for kids under 10?

yes, it's life
no, mom and dad's don't want violence for their children


what of the following ROBLOX games are my favourite?

Hint: 8 choices
roblox high school
content deleted
bubble gum simulator
pizza more
runaway rumble
super simon says
obstacle paradise
Lucky Blocks Battlegrounds
royale high school
bee swarm simulator

what was ROBLOX in my beliefs first called
(found this out on YT (youtube) )


what are obbies?

obstacle courses
obsitcal courzez

roblox is so people can...