Science: Density

Science: Density

This is a density and variables quiz for the science exam that is coming up. There will be more quizzes on more topics!!

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When trying to find the volume of a regular shaped object (idk how to work that!) , we use a ruler. What method would we use to find the volume of an irregular object?

What is the variable that the experimenter changes during the experiment.

In variables, what is the constant?

It is what is kept equal in all the things being experimented on.
What is being measured.
It's what stays the same throughout the experiment.
It is what's changing.

What is density?

The amount of matter in an object.
How much is packed into a given object.
The amount of space an object occupies.

Using the triangle we learnt in class, what is a formula for mass.

Select the two correct answers
M= D x V
Mass equals density divided by volume
Mass equals density times volume
D=M divided by V
M=D divided by V

If plants are watered, then the growth height will increase? Check off the correct answer. D= dependant variable, ID= Independent Variable

ID: growth height
D: watering
ID: watering
D: growth height
Constant: plants
ID: growth height
D: watering
Constant: increase
Control: plants
ID: watering
D: growth height