Mythological quiz

Mythological quiz

I love mythology and I decided to create this test for you, so you know how much do you know about it...

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Bastet is...

Nordic goddess of poetry.
Egyptian goddess of cats.
Mayan goddess of astronomy.
Pershian god of fight.

Word gula is from...

Ancient greek...
Old English - celtic english.
Ancient Japanese.

According to Greek mythology, who was Kronos?

A God, who greek priests prayed to.
Greek demi-god soldier.
Nobody with such a name ever appeared in greek mythology.
A Titan, original god, who has been conquered by Greek "Mighty Three"

According to the Bible, Limbus is...

Place, that is part of the heaven and God sends there people, who weren't
Christians, yet lived a good life.
One of hellish circles, where God sends children which died and had no belief.
A staff that belonged to Moses and was used when he freed jews from Egypt.
Another word for paradise.

Egyptian god Set is related with...


A nordic word "Jörmungandr" means...

mythical wolf, who according to nordic mythology eats god Odin.
mythical water snake, who kills god Thor during the Ragnarok.
A legendary weapon, myth upon the vikings, who have desperately tried to get
A book, that holds a great knowledge.

Who stole a fire from gods and brought it to mankind?