Riddle Rambo

Riddle Rambo

Check out my riddles and answer them! Tricky, tricky... ;D Solve them!

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What goes on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?


Old Mother Twitchet had one eye, and a long tail that she let fly, and every time she went through a gap, she left a bit of her tail in the trap

Only one color, but not one size, stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies, present in the sun but not in the rain, doing no harm and feeling no pain.

a shadow

The longer I stand the shorter I grow. What am I?

a candle
the sun

What has four wheels and flies?

Black we are and much admired, men seek for us if they're tired. We tire the horse, but comfort the man, tell me this riddle if you can/


In marble walls as white as milk, lined with skin as soft as silk, within a fountain crystal clear, a golden apple does appear. No doors are there to this stronghold-yet thieves break in and steal the gold

a bowl of water
a pharoah's tomb
an egg

Blue and wide, can't trap inside, dappled with white, but never at night. Light at day, dark at night, taller than the tallest height. What am I?

the sky
a field of flowers

What never speaks but must be answered?

What force and strength cannot get through I with a gentle touvh can do, and many in the street would stand were i not a friend at hand

a truck
a key
the wind

What can cover a hill and fill a hole, but cannot be touched?