Common sense (1)

Common sense (1)

Do you have enough common sense to survive? Hehe, jkjk I just wanna give you some mind benders!

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Spell, "silk"...

What do cows drink?

There was a black, a tan, and a white chicken... Two of them left and four came back... How was that possible?

They got cut in half
They found two other chickens
They laid eggs

A father and his son got in a car crash, one went to one hopital and the other went to another hospital... When the doctor came said, "I can't operate on this patient..." When the nurse asked why, the doctor replied, "He's my son." How is this possible?

The son went to the same hospital of the dad, the dad is a doctor and was unhurt...
The doctor was his mother

A magician can hold his breath, tied up and under water for 3 minutes. A little boy in the audience bets him he can do that too... The little boy wins the bet... How is this possible?

He stands under a glass of water for 3 minutes holding his breath
He actually does hold his breath for 3 minutes like he said!
He never did it!

A death row convict can choose how to die... 1. Lethal injection
2. Shock chair
3. Ninjas
4. 3 lions who haven't been fed for 3 years... The man chooses and survives... How is this possible?

He chose the lethal injection
He chose the shock chair
He chose the ninjas
He chose the 3 lions who haven't been fed for 3 years