Do You Know Gossip Girl

Do You Know Gossip Girl

Test your knowledge on the 2007 TV series Gossip Girl. Do you know everything about the show?

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Who has Serena dated? [Choose Two]

Select the two correct answers
No one

In season two, Jenny moves out of her father's loft. Why?

to go to her mother
because she wanted to live with her boyfriend
To pursue her fashion career

Why did Serena come back in the Pilot episode?

for her brother
she missed her friends
her mom told her to come home

DanIn season three, Dan dates a girl named Olivia. Who was the celebrity who co-starred in the show?

What is Serena's last name?

Van der Woodsen

Nate's father was arrested. Why?

he wasn't guilty
for fraud

Why did Serena leave in the Pilot of the show?

She was in a bad place with her family
She wanted to go to boarding school
She had an affair with her best friend's boyfriend

Who is Serena's best friend?