What Are The Characters in Artemis Fowl?

What Are The Characters in Artemis Fowl?

This is a quiz to test what you know about the books Artemis Fowl. If you haven't read the book, try anyway!!!

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Who is the genius criminal mastermind in the series?

Holly Short
Artemis Fowl
Julius Root
Mulch Diggums

Who are the main characters in the series?

Select the three correct answers
Artemis Fowl
Holly Short
Minerva Paradizo
Mervall Brill

Who was responsible for Julius Root's death?

What made Artemis Fowl remember his past after he had been mind-wiped?

Going on a journey to another universe.
Seeing someone he had known before the mind-wipe.
A trip to the bathroom.

Who took command after Julius Root's death?

What was the character's name that tried to take over the world?