So, you think you know House of Night

So, you think you know House of Night

Two to three questions per book (including novellas and Hidden, of course) to test your knowledge of the series.

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As seen in Marked, the cherokee word for daughter is:

u-we-tsi a-ge-hu-tsa

Marked: First person to die in the series?

Stevie Rae
Elizabeth No-last-name

Here's an easy one. Which character is introduced in betrayed? Who's his roommate

Jack, Erik
Drew Partain, Erik
Jack, Thor the homophobe
Drew Partain, Thor the homophobe

Betrayed: who is taken by the undead fledglings?

Select the three correct answers
Heath Luck
Jhonny B
Chris Ford
Chris Forde
Brad Walst
Tyler Turner
Brad Higeons

Chosen: What is Loren's ulterior motive?

none, he finds Zoey hot. don't they all
oh, come on. He's a predator, what do you THINK he wants, candy?
Neferet sent him to get information (and, of course, cost Zoey her friends)
Neferet sent him to distract Zoey (and defame her, at the cost of her friends)

Chosen: Zoey feels Loren being murdered. Darius sees and asks what's wrong. Zoey's excuse

wait, what? I'm fine!
she doesn't explain herself
I have gas.

Untamed: The prophesy about Kalona is
Ancient one sleeping, waiting to arise
the mark strikes true, Queen TSi Sgili will devise
and he shall be washed from his entombing bed
*fill in the blank*

Untamed: When Erik humiliates Zoey in drama, what play are they improvising, and what is the name of her character?

Othello, Dayanara
Romeo and Juliet, Juliet
Othello, Desdemona
Wurthering Heights, Cathy
Othello, Othello

Hunted: Stark's excuse for sleeping with *cough* behind Zoey is?

Well, it's not like either of her boyfriends would know.
Kalona can't get into her dreams if he's there.
He feels when she's around
she slept with Loren, didn't she?

Hunted: Banishing Kalona, who represents Humanity

Tempted: Who stays behind when the Nerd Herd goes to San Clemente?

Stevie Rae

Tempted: How does Stevie Rae avoid dying after being left in the sun?

toppling th cage, creating a hole in the ground and drinking from rephaim
Drinking Rephaim's blood; bending the bars and creating a hole in the earth
she doens't
Nicole pities her

Tempted: Lenobia's friend in Venice is named....

In Burned, when does Dallas first see Rephaim?

When he tried to kill Rephaim
When stevie Rae tells him
When Rephaim interrupts them in the tunnels
When she invokes the White Bull

Burned: Zoey shatters into herself and three others, name them

Select the three correct answers
an unnamed kid
Younger Zoey

Awakened: Only two things mattered to her now: Kalona had returned to her and,...

Awakened: How does Kalona avoid eternal servitude to Neferet.

He's no longer immortal, and there was a perfect little loophole where he's said he owed Neferet his immortal soul, but his soul was no longer immortal. He figured that out.
He's no longer immortal, and there was a perfect little loophole where he's said he owed Neferet his immortal soul, but his soul was no longer immortal. Rephaim pointed it out.
He's Kalona. It's not like he atcualy takes those oaths seriously.
He forces Neferet to release him.

Awakened/Destined: Neferet's vessel is named

Destined:Name of the High Council vampyre who becomes the High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night


Hidden: We all know that the circle came up to Neferet's penthouse in Hidden to save grandma. which event didn't happen there?

Neferet, immortal consort of Darkness and Queen Tsi Sgili, cries because of something she sees in a mirror.
Neferet becomes a horde of black spiders.
Neferet tries to kill Zoey.... And fails
Grandma was trapped and Neferet tried to have Aurox snap her neck.

The new girl in the circle who replaces Erin is named (First and last name)

Dragon's Oath: Dragon saves Anastasia from

Select the two correct answers
A bear
a ravenmocker
a sherrif
another vampyre

Lenobia's Vow: Lenobia had to lie about her name to get on the ship. Who did she impersonate?

Mademoiselle Cecile Maison de La Tour d’Auvergne
Mademoiselle Cecile Marson de La Tour d’Aujeune
Mademoiselle Cecile Marson de La Tour d’Auvergne

Neferet's Curse: At the start of the darkest of the three novellas, Neferet's mother dies. What is her first name?

Neferet kills her father with

A necklace
a pearl necklace
A pearl necklace that belonged to her mother
a pearl necklace that belonged to her mother, which she then gave to Arthur Simpton

Legacy (the graphic novel): Which element corresponds with the first story that is told?


Fledgling Handbook 101: In which element's story do we see an imprint break?


Wisdom of the House of Night (the oracle cards) which red fledgling is featured on the card for listening?