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do any if you guys know the diference between an acacia and an acasha tree?
I just wanna know if any of you guys are smart enough to figure this out
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well ive been meaning to Aask this but out of the following wich would u prefer?
the question im asking is would u rather have a monster NRG drink or a NO2 NRG drink
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I practice hacking stuff. Does it make me a bad guy?
Ok sometimes when I get bored I practice hacking stuff,but I don't hack any body does it make a bad guy
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have any of guys seen the movie called. home?
If u have then I am talking to u. Remember that part when tip saw oh get crushed by that gorg ship foot looking thingy never mind let me skip to the Chase. When the alien was off the ship to come get the rock full of gorg babi...
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is it normal to feel guilty when haven't even done anything?
As some. Of u may already know. That I know how. To. Hack I speak to u as a witness. Don't learn how To Hack. Once u do u start. To feel guilty and u haven't even hacked any. Thing.. what should I do
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who is Marilyn. I have no idea who s?he is
Some one please. Tell me who Marilyn is I see her face on shirts every where
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What do you do when some one hurts your feelings really badly?
I just need some advice
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does this make me a bad guy
i know how to hack stuff
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