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Letters To My Stars
I'm gonna write a letter to all my favourite stars, Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Katniss Everdeen, Annabeth Chase, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger and any more I can think of. Enjoy! If you want to do one of your ...
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Top 10
These are all my top tens! I've come up with a couple of ideas myself, but if you have one tell me in the comments.
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OC Story
This story is going to be made up entirely by your OCs. You just tell me them, who they are in the story and why you want them to be in this story. PLEASE DO IT! It means a lot to me, so please post your OCs! Terms and Conditi...
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Demigod/Wizard Character Generator
This is a generator for a half wizard half Greek/Roman god. Have fun and here you are @Elleyd! :)
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Female and Male Character Generator
This is my character generator for boys and girls. Please tell me about your character in the comments.
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Qfeast Magazine Monthly
This is a qfeast magazine. I will update it monthly (or shall I do a new one?) I know there's other ones out there but pwease read mine :p
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The Mystery Girl
This is the story of an elemental girl and her twin sister. Thanks to @Icelandpatha for creating the page elemental rp which inspired me to write this story. Also thank you to @RoseHeart, for helping me with the translation.
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30 day Percy Jackson challenge
I have to publish this in one go because qfeast won't let me do it one at a time. But I will do one every day.
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Percy Jackson chat room
This is what happened when the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus characters get a chat room.
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Your story.
Write your ideas in the comments below and I'll make it into a story. More information below.
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Voldemort`s Granddaughter
Megan thought her life couldn't get any worse, until a mysterious figure appears at her door…
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Hogwarts : Now
Follow Roxanne Weasley (George and Angelina's daughter) through Hogwarts.
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