Diagon Alley
Poppie could be heard singing from two houses away on the morning of her Diagon Alley visit. By his mother’s orders, Dean kept quiet.
‘You mustn’t dampen her spirits like that, Dean! Poppie is looking forward to it, and I bet she’ll love it.’ Despite the fact that Poppie had been to Diagon Alley numerous times before, whether it be for Kendra’s supplies or Dean’s school equipment, she was looking forward to it. Not as much as she looked forward to Hogwarts though.
To Poppies glee, it was soo...
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Poppie Dimble (Harry Potter Fan Story)
Basically, I love Harry Potter. So I've decided to write a story of my own, using the basic things of Harry Potter. It's mainly about Poppie Dimble, she lives with Dean, her brother, and Kendra, her mum. She goes on a quest to ...
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What Hogwarts house would YOU be in? (1)
We all wish we could go to Hogwarts, but unfortunately we just can't... But if we could, what house would YOU be in? Take this quiz to find out!
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