How is James Bond better than Harry Potter?

I just struggle to think why people think that in a somewhat way James Bond is better than Harry Potter? If you know please tell me, also if you are a Harry Potter fan sing the song about Hogwarts esp.

Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Wortty Hogwarts
Teach us something please-
weather we be old and bald
or young with scabby knees-

Our heads could do with filling
with some interesting stuff
for now there bear and full
of air dead flies and bits of fluff

So teach us things worth knowing
bring back what we forgot
just do your best we'll do the rest
and learn until our brains all rott

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Answers (2)

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I have to agree with people that say James Bond is better because he's so sneaky not even a rat could hear him also I believe if harry potter and James Bond had a fight James Bond would come out on top.
on March 25, 2016
Think about it guys if James Bond IS a secret agent, why does he repeat his name? For sure if he IS a secret agent he should keep the info about himself in secret but Harry Potter he is not a secret agent and he also saved peoples lives and doesn't repeat his name, I hope YOU people think before you write but if you NEVER watched Harry Potter go and watch now and then make your decision!!!
on March 25, 2016