There's a guy...

...that I hate. He's annoying, complains A LOT, is mean, and just BLAH. I live in the same neighborhood as him (GAHH) and I have to car pool with him everyday.
Why I hate him:
1. He sulks ALL DAY and when I ask him why, he like: I was diagnosed with depression is third grade, blah, blah, blah (btw 3rd grade?!?! Wth). My I remind you that we are in 8th grade.
2. He says "You're so mean" all the time, for no reason to me. I'm just like -_-
3. He never follows the rules and gets a bunch of referrals/almost detentions. It annoys the shit out of me because after he gets in trouble, he crus. SOBS.
4. He follows me around. He has no friends so he "hangs out" with me. I can't get rid of him.
5. He makes fun of my friends and me.
6. He makes fun of my fandoms, especially Harry Potter and Dr. Who.
7. He copies me ALL the time. I know it sounds juvenile, but it annoys me SOOO much. He always copies mum story ideas (and the stories suck...)
8. You can't give home critique. Once he gets critique, he's just like: "You're so mean" and starts crying.
9. He always needs praise and complains about everything. For example, if the draws a horrible drawing he's like: It's SOO bad. Wtf? And he cries over it. Everyone has to say: Oh, it's great! What are you talking about. If you don't he (again) says "You're so mean"

Anyways, I literally CANT get rid of him. What do I do?!?!?!

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Just avoid him, don't talk to him, act like he doesn't exist. Just walk past people like that. Stay out of his way and he'll stay out of yours probably. If he's making a point to be mean to you, he's a bully and act accordingly.
on September 29, 2014
He's proper sensitive. -_- one of them.....
Elleyd's probably got good advice. I wish I could give advice to maybe help him or help him change but it seems like he's got depression pretty bad......I'm not sure
on September 30, 2014