Why does everyone come to me about their problems?

So the question makes me seem like a bit of a jerk, i know. But to get things cleared up, I don't mind helping people out at all. If there's a way I can help, I try my best to do it. But recently the past day or 2, several people have added me on social media. I don't mind making friends so i add them back hoping that they'll respect my boundaries and that it'll be an alright chat, if they message me that is. Well, as I said, the past day or so several people have been adding me. and nearly each person that has added me, messaged me saying insane stuff to me. one of them straight up told me "oh i'm upset because my girlfriend left me because my thing is too big for her" (if you understand what that means.) Obviously, that did not actually happen with them. that is the most unrealistic thing that WOULD happen in all actuality. Another guy came to me in my private messages saying he was crying because people called him fat and ugly. he sent me a selfie and immediately i noticed that he wasn't fat. So literally, I knew that immediately that was a lie as well. Realistically, nobody was calling this dude fat when he looks like a literal pencil. I don't know why people keep bringing me their fake problems, and honestly it's driving me absolutely insane.

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They probably are trying to mess with you, there are idiots out there who love doing that. Just block them they aren't worth your time
true, tho that's super annoying
on May 10, 2022
on May 09, 2022