Why Do People Always Have To Diss Everything and Everyone They Don't Know, And/Or Understand?

So, I watch Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and Smike. (Plus some) We were at Sams and I saw a Minecraft magazine with Smike on the back of it and one of his quotes. I told this to my dad and he said "Oh... You mean one of the stupid smart-alikes that only waste their time?" I told him that he's not a smart-alike, and that he's actually a good guy. And then he said that all those people are uneducated jerks trying to pass their time. Then I said, Well... Markiplier has an education... He could've been an engineer... "Oh yeah? Well, we need more engineers than people playing video games." I didn't say this next part, but I did think it. 'Well at least he can do something he likes with his life than spending his time doing something he doesn't like.' NO HATE!

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Because everyone nowadays is more 'sensitive'. Everybody acts that way, across the world, it's rather normal. It's just that now, there's more things to criticise.
on January 22, 2016