How can I make my nails grow fast?

Sometimes people get in the habit of biting their nails. Well I have also but im trying to stop. But i need some Advice to help my nails to grow! Please let me know your answers!

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massage ur cuticles daily and push then down and to stop biting u should put a tape on ur nails!
on April 27, 2017
Hi Ambery!

The best way for your nails to grow is to just not bite them, and that's hard especially if you have a habit of doing so. Keep your nails polished no matter what, even if it is a clear colored nail polish. This will make you not want to bite your nails.
Also when washing dishes or dealing with a lot of water try using gloves to protect your nails, and drink lots of water.
Another way to protect your nails from being bitten is to find out what triggers your nail biting, See More▼
on November 24, 2016