iz a ghost watchin me?

OK ever since summer came i've been super bored lately i am also the champ on staying up all night but i stopped and now i literaly can not sleep at night at all!!! i go to sleep in the after noon but keep having nightmares! i also keep seeing things like yesterday i was brushing my teeth something dark mysterious was behind me i turned it was gone U KNOW HOW GHOST ARE!!! and strange noises in the living room at night like a creaking noise i am freaking scared right now!! plz tell me the answer!

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on March 18, 2015
Ghost aren't real ur probably to sleepy and If u drink too much caffein or coffee u can even start seeing and hearing things that don't even exist And I stay up too 1 or 2 o clock because I don't like the darkness su that's why I sleep with my chihuahua XD or I sleep with the TV on but ya sometime things creak like the floor or cough due to how old they are my house is like I think about 30 years and older I think? And it creaks but there is no such thing as ghosts I have the See More▼
OMG same! XD
on November 16, 2014
on August 22, 2014
AHAHAHAHA!!!! Ok, it's not a ghost. At night, things shrink because of the climatic change. On the morning they expand for the same reason. Therefore making creaking noises at those hours. Lol no ghost just science
on June 25, 2014