does he like me or well not?

well I like this guy, and hes nice to me a whole lot of the time. yesterday, i think i caught him looking at me quite a few times throughout the day and when we were on the bus, I was with jane (she likes him) and him with his and we were talking loads. and in school today he was like trying to get close to me going up the stairs to math like I mean pushing up against me, but the thing is today when channel(she doesn't like him) was on the bus they were flirting quite a bit, but he flirts with jane too and he has made it evidently clear in the past that he doesn't like her.and well it's not like he was just talking to channel he was talking to me too, and jane. so I really don't know...and basically I need help baddd because I really have no idea :(

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Answers (2)

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Boys are stupid make him jealous or something idk! xD
on May 05, 2015
Well, some boys do this all the time...
on April 24, 2015