Is this Right or Wrong and Why? (My cousin told me this)

At 8am, my cousin Elisha went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Her parents were sleeping and she was hungry so she went to make bf. But then her dad went to her and yelled at her for 'making alot of noise'. She wasn't allowed to go eat bf until her dad was up, but poor Elisha was hungry and 11! She was sent to her room. Isn't this stupid?!

PS: Elisha said I could post this

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Answers (3)

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on September 07, 2016
Her dad shouldn't have yelled at her.
on June 18, 2016
Well, it depends on what she was making. If it was like trying to make pancakes, yeah, that makes noise, but, if she was pouring herself a bowl of cereal, then, well, that's outrageous. SO, yeah, it al depends on what she was trying to do
on June 14, 2016