What's wrong with me? (1)

Ok so, for the past...I don't know...year or two, I've been feeling nothing.
Like seriously, i havnt been sad or happy or angry or anything.
I've just been a worthless piece of nothing that everyone seems to look through, it's actually really annoying but I never said anything (or will say anything) about it.
Today I came out as bisexual! My brother (who I didn't think was homophobic) flipped out and told me to stop saying anything about it, my mother thought I was joking and wouldn't believe me when I told her I wasn't.
I was legitimately shaking and on the verge of tears and you know what I do?! I f***ing cut myself.
Yes I know "don't do that, it's stupid" "You're only faking it for attention" (both real things my internet "friends" said) now I'm sitting on my bed crying and bleeding but still I feel as if I'm floating in thin air.
I never thought I had any illnesses but now I'm wondering because everything seems to be pointing towards depression (which is obviously not a laughing matter)
Anyway, sorry to bore you to death with such a long paragraph, please tell me what you think and if I should see a doctor about it.
Sorry again, bye.

P.S. I'm 13

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I suck with advice, but yes! Totally see a doctor about it! Depression usually only progresses to the point of suicide in most cases, and no one wants that. It’s best to talk about getting a therapist with a doctor and, even, the therapist is usually committed to a veil of secrecy, and won’t tell your parents unless it is suicidal thoughts or actions.
on January 13, 2018
Heyo! I’m 15. I have had depression for years. Honestly, doctors don’t help. I tried. What you need is an awesome friend to talk to! I got my friend, ( shygirl23) who goes to the same school as me, and we talk about our problems to each other, and discuss ways to solve them. I am available to listen, so please do talk with me if you would like to. I do happen to enjoy helping others. P.S. bisexual is a ok! I know a few people like that and it doesn’t bother me a bit! Be yourself!
on January 14, 2018