when will i get my first period (2)

ive been haveing white discharge for 6 months and the very bottom of my back has been hurting and i have been glad to mad and all most of the quizs i have been takeing tells me any day and some tells me 8months to 1 year im13

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Answers (3)

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ur lucky u don't have it yet is it stressful as eff
on September 28, 2015
on May 11, 2015
The white discharge is just like a guys. Just won't get you pregnant. It's normal nothing to really be concerned about. By how old you are, you could possibly be getting it any time. Just depending when your body determines if you are at the right about of body mass. But don't worry bout it or it will make it come later. You will be glad when it does. My mother didn't get hers till she was 15 so don't worry bout it
on June 29, 2014