Boys make me act so weird >.<

I act mean to my crushes because I don't want them to figure out I like them. I don't do it on purpose though. I think he thinks I hate him. What should I do? He wouldn't consider me a friend(I don't think) but he definitely wouldn't consider me an enemy because he tells me a joke and talks to me occasionally. He is in every one of my periods except 3rd and 4th period.
P.S. I pretty sure he doesn't like me back but we could be friends(I think).
P.P.S I'm not mean as in I call him names but mean as in I would try to knock off his binder off the table. I don't actually want it to fall over, I guess I just want him to pay attention to me me. I guess I'm pretty pathetic. It feels better writing all of this down though. I can already see how I can help myself. I do have these crushes on these 2 boys in my 1st hour. I'm not mean to them. Idk... Anyway can someone help me? If you want to talk to me in private PM me.

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on November 29, 2015