How do you get your motivation back when writing a book?

I am writing a novel currently (by the way, I just deleted my previous account @girly43 ) and I have stopped writing because I have no motivation anymore. How can I get it back? I have until September to finish the first draft.

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There are not really any ways other than write something else....or try doing other things for a short time then return to writing...that may help.
on May 26, 2017
hey there, i just wanted u to know that waiting for motivation or inspiration to write is like waiting for a train in an airport. it will never happen. u should change ur story for ur story is not interesting u . if the author is not interested then how can the reader be interested. make ur characters more interesting and it will help u a lot. the thing is that - the problem is not urs the problem is of ur characters. make ur characters more interesting to interest u in it
on May 27, 2017