My friend wont pay me back!

Ok so 4 weeks and 4 days i gave my friend (lets jest says her name is Sarah) $3. I told her to pay me back soon becuz im adding 25 cents for every week she hasnt payed me back. Now, Sarah hasnt payed me back yet and she owes me $4, but Sarah wont pay me back! She can only pay me back at school. How can i make her pay me back? (parents cannot be involved cuz they would get mad at me + Sarah). HELP!


UPDATE: My friend emailed me and says she cant cuz ahe doesnt have enough. WTF?!

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Okay. This is what my teacher taught all of us. In a low voice, tell her VERY sternly to give back the money. Tell her if she doesn't pay back the money, she has to ask her parents. After, hide in the washroom and laugh a lot because that was the most hilarious and controlled thing you have done in your whole life (hopefully). LOL
on June 07, 2015