giving away $5

giving away $5

do you like money? do you wish you were just $5 richer? Than you've come to the right place my friend simply answer the following questions in the comment section and you could win $5 or the mystery prize

1. What would you do with the five dollars?
2. Favorite color search color wheel tool and copy your favorite color's id and paste it into your answer
3. Are you following my QFEAST account?
4. What do you like to do for fun?
5. Favorite music?

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Answers (4)

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1. I would either donate it to charity or use it to buy drugs.
2. Vermilion
3. Yes!!
4. Play music and exercise!
5. Metal or pop
on February 22, 2021
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on August 10, 2022
1.) Get some chips
2.) Black
3.) yes
4.) sleep, sing, and draw
5.) Emo music
on February 23, 2021
1. Buy my gf/bf a chocolate bar
2. Violet
3. No
4. Kiss my gf/bf
5. BTS
on February 23, 2021