How to make school time fly

hey. I am just so excited for summer break but i have 59 more days left! (including wknds) I just wnat to make school time fly! Dont say doodle or pay attention or datdream cuz they dont work for me. plz help! and dont say enjoy the time you have left. Heres a list of things i cannot do that people mentioned on other sites,

1. listen to music or use elotronics (easy confiscation and dont have a phone)
2. Use the br every class (i cant for my sci/math cuz my teacher doesnt let us)
3.stare out a window (cuz theres none!)

thanks for evrything!

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Think of mean, funny, or sarcastic comments to say to the teacher. Also you can try to make everything the teacher says innapropriate/sexual, it's fun.
on January 21, 2016
well we do, but there always closed
on April 21, 2015
How does a classroom have no windows!? Um... i blab on about shippings in my head that make no sense it keeps me busy for at least 3 hours...
on April 19, 2015