babyfur or no?

this is an actual question; heres my backstory
so a week ago i was watching a video abt pamperchu and there was a video of him showing off his pacifiers. i was like “haha... that would be... nice” and looked thru my hope chest to see if i could find any. i got really distracted with the BABY TOYS and i felt slightly stupid afterwards.
fast forward to yesterday when i see a video abt babyfurs. i dont watch it but i decide to look it up. i clicked pictures and holu FRICK. i didnt like the ones where they were like... pissing and shitting but the ones wjere they had they bottles and sippy cups and stuff reaided on me. then today i drew 3 baby furs (one which i didntcomplete. i thought i couldnt like itbecause a) diapers were a big part and i didnt like that aspect and b) because it was a fetish. well after making a furaffinity i learned theres anti fetish and anti diaper ones. so now im confused... i dont want to supress my urges but im afraid everyone will hate me if i come out.. help

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Okay, so... this is a pretty complex situation. And I suppose this... the answer that I can come up with that I think might be best would be one that... probably is a bit embarrassing and of a suppressed secret.

Now, I was a bit worried that you were getting into the diaper fetish, but reading through, you made it clear that you aren’t a fan of Babyfurs for any sexual reasons. Not a lot of people would understand or buy that, probably, but I do, in a way...

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yeah thate why i was really scared. im not trying to do it because im in love with babies or any otjet sexual reason. and im anti diaper lover and anti adult baby. i just know everyone will think im in love witj babies or somethinh so im hesitant to tell anyone
18 days ago
18 days ago