I prank texted someone in my school, he doesn't know it was me,but he posted my number on instafram

The guy I texted was my BFF's crush. He knows she likes him, lots of people know actually. So we decided I would prank text him and be his "therapist".

I thought it would be all cool, just a prank text right? Nope. He said he would call the police, but luckily he didn't. He had no idea it was me, even though I gave him clues.

Then last night, he posted my number on instagram! Luckily, only 3 students have my number.
But someone will find out soon, or he will call the police, and I can't share my cell phone number (until everyone forgets about it). HELP!

EDIT: There is NO way I'm telling him it's me! You aren't helping me at all with your "tell him it's you". Also, my BFF recently told me that "he's not the kind of person" who would call the cops.

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It was a harmless prank, this dude is over dramatic. Was he raised by parrots? Anyway, I would just say it's you and get a gang together to report the photo with your number on it so it will be taken down.
on December 23, 2014
You need to tell him it was you!!! It's not your fault. This guy is being way ott. Either that or you have to find a way of deleting what he said.
on December 23, 2014
You should tell him it's you and that you are sorry that you annoyed him
on December 23, 2014
Tell him it was you and a prank if hes your bffs crush he must be decent enough to laugh about it
on December 23, 2014
Yeah, I'm not gonna answer you if you call us idiots. You asked for answers to the question, and they gave them to you.
Answers I don't like. Plus I already solved he problem myself a month ago just by doing nothing
on February 07, 2015
on January 21, 2015