Is my period coming soon?

Ok here are synthoms

1. clear, white discharge i got at the beginning of when i had any kid of discharge
2. Yesterday, i had a horrible stomach cramp in LAarts and in the evening. I didnt eat much
3. Ocasionally, were my vagina is, I have like this little feeling like when your stomach grawls, but its only for 0.30 of a second.
4. Im exausted

HELP! And dont say, tell your parents cuz theyn will say "It will be ok" and if i ask for pads they'll say "You'll get pad after the period" UGHH...

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Answers (2)

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I'm lucky. When I get mine, they don't hurt, so I don't know! But I have many signs when mine is coming. Like muscle and joint pain, plucking out my eyebrows (there was a point where I only had one eyebrow) and eye ticks. I have no idea if that helped at all but it may help someone somewhere.
on May 13, 2015
yeah, i think i had mine but ya never no
on May 13, 2015