First Period? (1)

I've taken a couple quizzes to see when I would get my first period. Most of the quizzes results were Very Soon, or Less Than A Month. Could you predict when I will get my first period? Here are my symptoms/signs...

PMS Symptoms: I've Had Almost All PMS Symptoms For About 3-6 months . (Moodiness, Cramps, Backaches, Headaches, Cravings, Hurting *Down There* And More)

Discharge: I've had discharge for almost 2-3 years. 6 Months Ago It Started Turning Brownish. I Have To Wear A Liner Because If I Don't It Will Ruin My Undies.

Spotting: I Had Spotting a couple of times About 1 Month Ago.

Hair: My Pubic Hair Has Turned Brown. My Armpit Hair Is Blonde But Getting Darker And Is Thick. If I Don't Shave My Leg and Arm Hair I'll Be Mistaken For Big Foot.

Weight: I Weigh 101 Pounds And I've Had A Growth Spurt Of 15 inches. I've Gained 21 Pounds In The Last Year. I Also Get Growing Pains.

Close To Family Age: I'm 11 My Mom Got It At 9.

Boobs: I Wear A 30 C And Have Been Developing For 2 Years. My Boobs Have Been Very Tender The Last 5 Months.

Peeing: I Read That When You Are Close To Your Period Your Uterus Gives Pressure To Your Bladder And You Have To Pee More. I've Been Peeing 8 Times A Day In The Past Week. (Like The Urge To Pee)

Note: This Is Serious. If You Answer I Will Follow You.

The Reason I Want It: I Want My Period Because, I Want To Know The Feeling Of Womanhood. Also All My Friends Have It.

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Ur boobs say no, but your cramps say yea
on August 11, 2014
Im surprised you haven't gotten it yet. Anytime now you should get it
on June 22, 2016
Any day probably. Your symptoms are showing VERY SOON.
on May 11, 2015
Like now lol😶
on April 18, 2015
Since you had brown stuff in your undies, that's a sign that it's coming. That happened to me. It may seem scary getting a period, but it's nothing, really. Keep some tampons and/or pads in your locker and wear a liner. Cut down on salt. Drink water. And if you're on your period or about to start it, don't wear light pants. During PE, keep some tampons in a bag in your gym locker to change into them. Hope this helps!
on December 25, 2014
Um you get your period when your body feels you have obtained the correct body mass. Or puberty is any way. Even though your mother got it at tht age, you might no receive yours till later on. Plus the more you worry bout it the longer you won't have it. So don't worry
on July 07, 2014