Does he like me? (Or am I overthinking this?)

So, I have a crush. Right? Obviously. And this crush I've known for years. Recently we've starting to see each other less and less, to a point where this year we haven't seen each other for 9 months. But it wasn't like we were BFFs or anything, we just went to the same activity for years, until he stopped coming to it. So! This year, I hit the almost 9 month mark of not seeing him, but then on a group trip to the amusement park, he finally came and I saw him. Awesome, I nearly cried. But, anyway, he came over to the park gate, and I waved at him from over where I was standing with my squad, and he waved back with a smile. Later, he was standing on the edge of his group and I was on the edge of mine, and he turned to me and said, "Hi, [using my nickname that the only other person who calls me that EVERY TIME they talk to me is my grandmother]! How are you?" And I'm like, "Oh, I'm good." I didn't hear him at first but my sister told me later that he had said hi to me twice.
So, I returned to chatting with my gang and he returned to bumming around with his, and I noticed as we were waiting to go inside, that he KEPT GLANCING OVER AT ME. Or in our general direction. So much so, that despite my undying love for him, it was starting to unnerve me slightly. We made eye-contact a thousand times, and he would smile at me almost every time we caught each others' eye.
There are so many different reasons for that, and I haven't stop thinking about it. My BFF said he looked like he really wanted to talk to me, which could explain the constant glancing. But I don't know...
He totally surprised me with his arrival, and I thought he wasn't coming so I didn't bother to doll myself up like I usually do, plus I was wearing sunglasses and I had never worn sunglasses in my life because I have glasses (transition lenses are no what they are made out to be)...Or maybe my friends were being too loud?
I have no idea, what does this look like to you?

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I think you should go talk to him. Perhaps he developed feelings for you as well.
on June 06, 2017