where could i buy the high quality standing desk?

I used to have a standup desk when I worked in the office and loved it. I started working remotely a few years ago and had to settle for my regular adjustable height desk at home. I put off buying my own standup desk until now. A coworker recommended this one so I went with it. It got delivered 2 days earlier than expected. It only took me about one hour to assemble it by myself. The box was very heavy so I had to open it outside and carry it in a few pieces at a time. The packaging was done very well, so that all the pieces were well protected. The assembly directions were easy to follow. I love how it looks and so far, it's been raising and lowering as expected. My small file cabinet fits underneath as well. I sent a picture to my coworkers and several said they'd never seen standing computer desk before and they all liked it. My only complaint is that the cords underneath were quite a bit longer than they needed to be, but the included wire straps are holding them out of the way. My only wish was that it had a keyboard tray that would slide out underneath. If you're in the market for a stand up desk, this is a good one.

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After reading reviews from others, I opted to pay the $90 to have the electric standing desk https://www.fezibo.com/collections/electric-standing-desk assembled upon delivery. Two very nice gentlemen came in and set it up, which took them about two hours. They did a great job, though, and were great to have as, albeit paid, guests in our home.

The desk itself was everything that I had hoped for. I was a bit nervous about how cheesy the "rustic brown" color would be, having seen See More▼
on May 04, 2023