When will I get my period? (5)

I'm 13, turning 14 in a couple of months. I have all of the signs of getting my period except for cramps and spotting. My mom got her period at 10 years old so I thought I would get mine around there but I haven't. During the school year I do a lot of sports which may affect my cycle (I've heard working out vigorously or losing weight rapidly can mess you up.) but I haven't worked out super hard all summer. I am also a healthy weight and I eat enough food so that really shouldn't be a problem. It's frustrating because I look and feel like I should have a period but I don't!

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first things first. NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT THIS CRAP. just google signs of when its starting soon nobody and i mean NOBODY want to see or hear this shit. so stop posting questions about your life problems. and this goes out to everybody else that does this. not trying to be mean but yeah. .-.
on August 06, 2017