help from World children development funds to build hospital?

Dear Sir/Madam,
Many children die from curable diseases, which is due to lack of medical facilities and hospitals.
I am British citizen originally from Uganda east Africa. My intention is to build a hospital with effective treatment which will beleading into survive cases of childhood like cancer being the biggest child killer, Malaria, heart diseases etc.
I own a land equals to about 5 acres which is 3 miles from the centre of Kampala, another land of 2.5 acres from east of Kampala and another 3 acres from northwest of Kampala.
Uganda is the country which always has served neighbouring countries such as Sudan, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi etc. mostly in education and health.
By the grace of God, the intended hospital has served children of Africa the surrounding countries around Uganda.
I need proposals and advise about my vision to the helpless children in Africa.
Your help, ideas and suggestions to this vision is highly awaited.
God Bless you.

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