when will I get my first period!!!

hi my name is aviary and I just want to know when I will get my first period. I just turned 13(that's when my mom got her first period) recently and I wear an aa sized bra. I've been getting discharge ever since last year I think but im not exactly sure get a normal amount if discharge everyday and have a good amount of pubic hair. I get really small cramps once in a while and I don't get mood swings or anything like that but if you could help I just really want to find out when my first period is coming I really just want to know. also is there any way I can make it come faster?? please don't say "you don't want it " and stuff like that thank you

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Well, in about a year, yes you will get your period.
on April 12, 2014
Does it matter wether it's vitamin b6 or 12
on April 27, 2016
Take vitamin b vitamins. That'll speed it up. Youll get it soon. I mean, you get discharge, hair, cravings. Pay attention to your weight. If you have significant weight gain that's a sign youll get it soon. My mom got hers when she was 13 but I'm 14 and still don't have it. So I hope this helped!😊
on May 11, 2015