can i induce my period?

I am nearly 19 now and have been on the pill since i was 12 to control periods as a result of PCOS, by following my pill packet properly i am due to start my period next weekend which is when me and my boyfriend have booked a weekend away and we do not get to see eachother often. If i was to finish my active pill now ( a week early) would i still be protected next weekend due to the length of time i have been taking this medication? or are there any other ways around this (i have already taken two packets in a row this month) if not, are there any forms of contraception (other than condoms) that i could consider using as a future precaution as well as the pill so that i am always protected when situations like this occur. Thank you.

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Just let it bleed out
on January 21, 2016
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on February 09, 2014