I need activities to do?

I need something to do because I'm sick of waking up and doing home schooling and either watching TV or playing on my laptop. I don't have any friends as I'm stuck with the label the girl who's Dad killed himself which I don't really care about because after all these years they haven't found anything else to talk about and don't say I'm in denial because I'm not. I would take up skateboarding and bmxing but all the parks near us are shit I have been thinking about writing a letter to the council like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption. I like rock, blues and country music and drawing nature although we seem intent on destroying it but the reason for that is shopping malls, reading and old, horror and action movies and jackass and supernatural. I would like the activities you suggest to be fun, active, being liable to learn something like a piece of wisdom or anything useful, something where I'll gain friends mainly boys as I get on with them better, maybe something stupid that you can laugh about laugh about like jackass and something that if I learn it I get something in return. I would also like my Mum to move to America I know its a lot to ask but there's nothing left for me in England and not much for the rest of my family. I'm just a 13 year old girl who hasn't accomplished anything. Please help

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Make up a song
on February 09, 2014
I love to craft and make stuff and paint if u dont have enough moneygo out side look around ur room for stuff and going out side always makes me feel better pray maybe god can help u im eleven aand thats all i can think of i hoped it helped
Thanks but you won't catch me doing that and plus I'm an Atheist but I appreciate you giving me suggestions
on October 03, 2013
on September 30, 2013