Does he like me? Or is he moving away?

We have only known each other for about a month. At first we would text all day everyday. As time went on we started text less and less. Now he doesn't really text me fist anymore. I do know that when we meet it was christmas break and now that he is back in school (im homeschooled) he is probably really busy and its baseball season (he plays baseball). Idk I just feel like i'm putting in a lot more effort. I felt like he liked me but i'm just not sure anymore. He hasn't told me he does but I can kinda tell. I was even hanging out with him in a group and he came up to me, gave me a hug, and said he missed seeing me. He even apologized for not texting me in a while (which I thought was a great sign) but he hasn't texted me since.

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you're moving away, but it happens all the time for me. i just move on too because the same thing is happening to me again right now and i hate it, but it's just something that happens BUT i wouldn't give up, i mean. he might just be busy ect, as long as he doesn't forget about you i think he'll always care a little but try at least keep in contact idk
on February 09, 2012
He obviously likes you but is too shy to text you first, or doesn't know what to say. You should make the first move, and text him. If he texts you less than before, it's probably because he is busy or unsure of what to say and just wants you to text him first. :)
on June 04, 2013
same same. there was this nboy named aidan now hes my he was always hangin around where i was thought he was moving in december cuz he talked alot abouizona alot. but it was just a vacation.then he confessed he liked me.he was just shy jetting to know hes still not cofterbe having a relationship. if not get over it!!!
on March 01, 2012
I also had to move on. It's tough sometimes for a guy you really like but you'll get over it. Don't worry!!'
on February 10, 2012