Write a script in perl that performs a post processing action:

The run time environment of the script has the following environment variables available when the script is fired
• TYPE: This can either be 'session' or 'file'. It indicates if transfer event
is a file or session event
• FILE: The file being transferred
• DIRECTION: This can be 'recv' or 'send'. Relative to the script, is the
file being sent or received.
• STARTSTOP: This can be 'start' or 'stop'. Specifies if we are at the start
or end of a file or session transfer event.
• STATE: Either 'success', 'failed', or 'started'
You can assume that the script will be automatically executed on the following
events (TYPE=session and STARTSTOP=start; TYPE=session and
STARTSTOP=stop; TYPE=file and STARSTOP=start;TYPE=file and
Write a script that checks if the transfer session was successful, and if the
direction of the transfer is sending, logs the event details and the current date
to a text log file (location and name to your choosing).

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