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Hello! I'm 3 days shy of it being 4 months post-surgery for my PCL; IT Band; and LCL ligaments; total reconstruction using allografts. I was attending Physical Therapy since Nov. 2 x a week for 8 weeks. Recently reevaluated and it was recommended 2 x a week for 8 week. Unfortunately, due to insurance I had to switch PT providers and now have PT at a Sports Rehab and Spine Clinic.
I have not seen the Sports Rehab/Spine Clinic report submitted to insurance; howvever, the Dr. recommended a start of 2 x for 8 weeks due to weak glutus muscles and IT muscles. Concern is.. seems since I had to change PT providers insurance is questioning treatment and has allotted only 8 therapy sessions. Injury is a result of slip/fall of which knee was totally dislocated as well as complete tear of ACL and bone chip in knee. ACL was reconstructed in Jan. 2011.

To sum things up, what is the protocol for someone who had this type of surgery c/o PT (amount of PT usally recommended/frequency).

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Idk sorry
on August 03, 2016