First Period?

I've taken a couple quizzes to see when I would get my first period. Most of the quizzes results were Very Soon, or Less Than A Month. Could you predict when I will get my first period? Here are my symptoms/signs...

PMS Symptoms: I've Had Almost All PMS Symptoms For About 6- 1 Year. (Moodiness, Cramps, Backaches, Headaches, Cravings And More)

Discharge: I've had discharge for almost 3 years. 6 Month's Ago It Started Turning Brown. I Have To Wear A Liner Because If I Don't It Will Ruin My Undies.

Spotting: I Had Spotting Once About 1 Month Ago.

Hair: My Pubic Hair Has Turned Brown And Is Thick. My Armpit Hair Is Blonde But Getting Darker And Is Thick. My Leg Hair Has Gotten Darker.

Weight: I Weigh About 100 Pounds And I've Had A Growth Spurt Of 3 Inches. I've Gained 10 Pounds In The Last Year. I Also Get Growing Pains.

Close To Family Age: I'm 11 (Almost 12.) My Mom Got It At 12 And My Grandma Got It At 10

Boobs: I Wear A 34A And Have Been Developing For 2 Years. My Boobs Have Been Very Tender The Last Few Months

Peeing: I Read That When You Are Close To Your Period Your Uterus Gives Pressure To Your Bladder And You Have To Per More. I've Been Peeing 8 Times A Day In The Last 2 Days. (Like The Urge To Pee)

Note: This Is Serious. If You Answer I Will Follow You.

The Reason I Want It: I Want My Period Because I Keep Worrying That I Will Get It During School And Leak.

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same thing. but quiz scores say '1-8' months like COME ON?! I have almost all synthoms of PMS. UGHH... I suggest just to be prepared.
on May 13, 2015
It depends on the person but I usually only get cramps a few days before my period and on my period. How often does the brown "discharge" come? Because the only time I see that is right before my period starts like an hour before.. If yours is what I think it is, it is dried blood which could mean that you have gotten your period just at a very VERY VERY light flow? (Also btw if you are athletic and exercise alot is gives you a lighter flow) Sorry if I'm just being confusing but See More▼
i agree with u
on July 27, 2015
on July 30, 2014
many quizzes, unfortunately are not very serious (on this website and others such as From the point as i am concerned is that you will get yours in about 1-3 months... maybe 1-5 months... your simptoms are much like mine... ( seriously, the EXACT SAME ONES and THE EXACT SAME AGE ) I hope that i helped you!!!
on October 22, 2016
Of course you can predict when it will come but you will never exactly know. Though it usually does happen around the same time it happened to your mom. You probably will start soon. Carry some pads with you to school and extra pants just in case. Just know if it does happen it's natural and don't panic.
on May 20, 2014
Me. Too all the same symptoms except brown discharge and lower back pain
on May 16, 2014
Okay well i cant say for sure but just incase always carry pads or tampons with you.
on May 16, 2014