What reasonably priced laptop is good for sims 3?

Okay so i want to buy a new laptop to play sims on because I currently have a desktop and it doesn't even have a graphics card :/ so when I play sims its really slow and the graphics are bad. I don't want like a $1000 laptop i just want one where i can play sims normally :) plz help thnx:)

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The sims 3 is a little tricky, you need a 3000 dollar gaming laptop or a desk top, windows 7 or HP (trust me I tryed it, laptops are NO good at games)
on September 13, 2015
You need a great technology laptop and a very good gaming system to get the sims three
on August 05, 2016
You should never play a complex computer game on a laptop. Laptops generally do not have enough power or memory to play those games. Unless it's a game that does not have very good graphics or is very old (Oregon Trail, anyone?). If you want to play the Sims 3, I suggest using a PC that does not have Internet or where you do not surf the web. Or if you do want to surf the web, only have about 4-5 games (yes, they can have good graphics) on your PC.
What's wrong with a laptop?
on February 12, 2015
Kwl thanks:D but i realized after days of searching that a laptop is not good for gaming so i found a desktop that reaches all the requirements
on June 30, 2013
on June 29, 2013