have you ever had a dream that had a person who is still alive?

i have,the first was a full dream and the second one was a mini dream.

full dream : if you watch ''the slow mo guys'' you'll know who I'm talking about.we where in a weird white house and did things and put them in slow motion.the ends private but i remember my mom being there and she said ''make sure you put on safety goggles.''

mini dream : only Gavin from the ''the slow mo guys'' was in this dream. Gavin and me were looking at pictures for a magician.

by the way it was weird having two dreams involving Gavin.

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i dream of anime ~[>.<]~
Me too 8D but about Dragon ball o_O
on April 24, 2014
on November 26, 2013
I have dreams that involve the characters of tv shows I watch.
Once I had a dream that it was in this little cabin in the middle if theses really dark woods. There was this dead guy face down on the floor, with blood around him. And standing around the body were Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon, Grace VanPelt, Wayne Rigsby, and Kimball Cho (those re characters from the tv show 'The Mentalist'. It is my fave show.)
on July 03, 2013
My family and friends and just random celebrities are in my dreams.
on June 17, 2013
yup a bunch i once had a weird dream that i was sitting on my car in a parking lot and this guy walked over and smiled at me and then put his hand over my mouth and tried to put me in his car and i kicked him in the well bad place for a guy to be kicked in and i ran and my best friend was in it and he grabbed me again and i woke up screaming lol it was more of a nightmare
on June 16, 2013
Yup. It was a strange dream. It was the middle of the zombie apocalypse, and my family tricked me so that they could ditch me, leaving me to fend for myself in the apocalypse. Strange thing is I don't have a bad relationship with my family or anything. Maybe my brain is just telling me that I greatly dislike betrayal, or maybe somewhere, something went horribly wrong. I have no idea.
on September 28, 2017