Help for tired uneven complexion?

Hi, I am an 18 year old A level student and t=for the past few years I have had horrible skin. I have really large pores on my nose and cheeks which means I get black heads easily, I get quite a few spots and most of the time they are those ones that hurt to touch, I have dark circles around my eyes despite plenty of sleep and I have red blotches where I have previously had spots. This problem seems to have become worse during study time at A level sue to stress but even when i am not stressed I suffer from these problems. I drink water everyday but perhaps could drink more as i drink far too much fizzy pops and sodas so could this be a problem? Overall I have a balanced diet and I am at a healthy weight but have just started getting into a regular exercise regime. Could this help my skin? Any other remedies that anyone has to offer will also be greatly appreciated :)

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I hear ya sister! For the bags under the eyes, put two spoons in the freezer for about fifteen minutes, then put them under your eyes. It may take a few times to work but after a few times, you should see a difference. For your black heads/zits/etc, put regular toothpaste(not the gel) on the blemish before you go to bed. It should be gone after one or two times. And yes! Water helps beyond belief! Drink lots and lots and lots, your skin will look better. Exercise will help See More▼
on June 06, 2013