What Would Be A Cool Informative/Persuasive Speech?

I am doing speech this year and I'm wanting ideas on what to do an informative/persuasive speech on... got any ideas? like any of the following the best? help me out!!
these are ones I have found and liked so far:
1. Ten fun things to do during exams.
2. 10 ways to order pizzas.
3. Funny facts about women/ or men.
4. What women really say when they talk to men.
5. 10 ways to irritate a telemarketer.
6. 10 ways to freak out your roommate.
7. How to make a snow globe
8. What Winners do to Win?
9. Tips for buying gifts everybody want.
10. How to Lose the Guy of your Dreams
11. What to do on a desert island.
12. What to write in a message in a bottle if you're trapped on an island.
13. Things to do in a traffic jam.
14. how to drive the baby-sitter crazy

i like these ones alot "how to order pizzas and drive/irritate/freak out other people"

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Answers (2)

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thanks, I think me and a friend think that a good one for me would be a "what is beauty" mixed with "how magazines edit models"
on November 10, 2012
I liked no.8
on November 10, 2012