Why is this boy so confusing??? :\

Some of you who follow me know who Cole is. Well, we didn't talk for a couple of months cause I was mad at him for talking trash about me. Well, he is now saying good morning to me now and we are talking a little more. We used to not talk at ALL, but now we have like 2min conversations. I can't get over him (I still have a little crush on him) but I don't know what he thinks about me. I've thought of asking one of my guyfriends their perspective on it, but I don't have any close guyfriends like that... so, I'm asking random people instead. :) Wonderful. PLEASE HELP ME!

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well, obviously if he talked trash about you once, what will stop him from doing so again??? i say its okay to txt him for now, but get to actually know him some more.
on November 21, 2011
If it didn't work, maybe it wasn't meant to and if you really like someone you will never get over them. I know that much anyway
on October 30, 2011
If all you have is a small crush on him-I would run now. This guy seems like bad news. He talked trasn about you? That is unacceptable! What could possibly be his reason for that? No. This guy is bad news. I would avoid him. Unless you think you can keep the two minute convos and still get over him. :) hopes this helps...
on May 09, 2012
on May 11, 2012