I like this guy...

How do I know if he likes me

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Answers (3)

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Oh, interesting question!
Just every now and then if he like randomly starts conversations with you
Also if he is flirting with you(those are the obvious!)
But the big thing is when he is sometimes looking at you(again randomly!)
on September 25, 2015
if h e pickup limes
on October 28, 2015
Most guys think eye contact is weird so when your talking to him try and notice if he keeps eye contact. Make it a point to have eye contact and if he recipricates that is a sign that he is at least interested in listening to you. Basically just start interesting conversations with him and if he likes you you will probably be able to tell if you are making a lot of conversation. (Also a little trick is when he looks at you look at his pupils, if they dilate, get bigger that is See More▼
on September 25, 2015