Help! I'm looking for a book but I don't know the author or title!

Here's what I know about the book:
It's not too lengthy. The book I had a boy on the cover.
In the book the main character is a young boy, him, his mother, and sister are taken to a prison camp where he escapes. In the book the prison guards come in the middle of the night and take women to rape them. His mother and him hide his sister behind them so she's not raped. When he runs away he hides in a friends shed where he is fed by them. The prison camp is also next to a body of water where a lolot of prisoners are killed in thrown in. I think the title had "tears" or "fire" or both of those in it. Other than that that's all I remember :(

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I don't know anything really about that... But I know a book called 'I Am David' that fits most of that.
on November 09, 2014